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U.S. Capitol

Protecting the U.S. Capitol balconies with Bird Net


U.S. Capitol Project

Pest birds were making a mess all over the U.S. Capitol balcony, so Nation Wide Bird Control was called in to net off the areas as part of a major historical restoration project.

The bird net installation job was difficult, as ordinary access equipment couldn't reach the area because of the steps in front of the Capitol's balcony. The bird net installation required the use of a bosun chair with our bird control team in the rigging.

Luckily, we think hanging off the side of buildings is a capital idea!


The polyethylene StealthNet bird netting wrapped around the corner of the balcony and stretched straight across the entire length, preventing pigeons and other birds from landing in the balcony area. The bird netting is difficult to detect unless you are very close to it.

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Bird Control Products
Bird Netting

Bird netting is generally considered the best form of protection against birds since it is permanent, long-lasting and it creates a permanent bird barrier, completely blocking access to the area it protects. Because of the different mesh sizes available, it is effective against virtually any size bird.

There are many kinds of bird netting on the market. Nation Wide Bird Control uses StealthNet, the highest quality bird netting available. This bird net has extra U.V.-resistance embedded in the polyethylene itself to ensure a long-lasting protective barrier for your building. This bird netting consists of several strands of U.V. resistant polyethelene that are twisted and then knotted at each corner, creating a strong, impenetrable barrier against target birds. This bird control netting is fire retardant and is guaranteed by the manufacturer to withstand the elements for at least 10 years.

The bird netting is available in beige, black and translucent (milky white) colors to blend with your building or structure. Several different mesh sizes are available depending on the pest bird species targeted.

A cable support system is installed by our bird control team and the netting is then attached to the cable. The hardware used to attach the netting is top quality steel, guaranteed to support the weight of the bird net and withstand the elements for years.

More information and bird netting specifications are available upon request; simply click the bird below.


Bird netting is installed using a cable support system to ensure long-lasting protection.


Rooftop equipment is protected by bird netting.


Bird netting installed down face of building prevents bird from landing on the many ledges.


The bird net we use is hard to see once installed. This face net installation (left) keeps birds from prime roosting locations, even though it is hardly noticeable from inside the offices (right).

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