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We have specialized in solving tough bird problems for over ten years and have completed hundreds of successful bird control installations ranging in size from small
residential bird control projects to solving pest bird problems in B-52 bomber hangars for the US Air Force.

Our bird control expertise and flexibility have taken us all
across the United States and to Puerto Rico, Barbados and
the Azores islands, solving tough pest bird problems for our customers.

Co. Registration: Branch 2 Structural Pest. #8596
Michael Gelder is the Qualifying Manager.

Pest Control Operator's License No. 13435

Contractors License No. 1017112
ISNetworld Reg. #400-259522


Nation Wide Bird Control is ISO 9000 compliant

And, through a program of Continuous Improvement, we are constantly evolving our bird control installation, management and customer service procedures. In addition, we are currently seeking 8(a) classification from the US Small Business Administration.

How did we get involved in bird control?

Many people ask us how we got started solving bird problems. This unusual field was opened up to us over ten years ago when our owner, Mike Gelder (pictured above on a hospital in San Francisco) was operating a high-rise window cleaning business in and around San Francisco, CA. Some customers complained that as soon as their windows had been cleaned, the pest birds would mess them up again and they’d have to stare at bird droppings on their glass until the next scheduled cleaning, often several months away. Inquiries revealed a small industry geared towards bird control services. Further research indicated that very few companies offered bird control services and many of those that did could not handle high-rise bird problems.

Seeing this opportunity, Mike Gelder Enterprises began performing bird control in conjunction with window cleaning in 1989. Bay Area Bird Control was formed in 1992 and began specializing solely in bird abatement. Bay Area Bird Control evolved into Nation Wide Bird Control in 1997 when it became apparent that there was a need for our specialized bird control services not just around the San Francisco Bay Area, but across the US and in the Caribbean.

Since our beginnings we have offered guaranteed solutions to pest bird problems on all types of structures. Our background in high rise work has allowed us to take on and successfully complete difficult access installations using high reach lifts up to 125’, suspended scaffolding up over 400’ feet, bosun's chair work up to 350’ as well as more conventional ladder, scissors lift and scaffolding applications.

Our highly efficient teams of Technicians are fully trained in all phases of bird control with an emphasis on safety and quality. Our documented procedures are constantly reviewed, allowing us to be competitive without compromising our integrity or quality of work.

At Nation Wide Bird Control we pride ourselves on being one of the only companies in our field that actually honors its guarantees and stands behind its work. Our callbacks are very rare but when one does occur, we are responsive and diligent in our efforts to keep our customer’s happy. We are only as good as our last job.

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