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Nation Wide Bird Control offers bird control & site cleanup services

Bird abatement services include installation of:
  • Bird control netting, with specific mesh sizes depending on the target species
  • Non sharpened ‘Bird Fence’ spikes in varying widths
  • Bird Barrier® Coil
  • Spring tensioned wires
  • Bird Shock and Bird Fence non-lethal electrical deterrents
  • Scare devices
Full service site cleanup including:
  • Nest removal and bird relocation
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Enzyme agent application to reduce toxicity of droppings
  • Pressure washing soiled areas
  • Disinfecting and odor control
  • Professional window cleaning service
NWBC works with contractors and architects in design and planning bird abatement solutions. We provide free cost estimates, materials specifications and installation procedures to prospective clients.
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