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Bird Control Products

There are many different products available to control birds. Their effectiveness depends on several different factors: 1) the species of bird, 2) the level of desire the bird has to remain in the area and 3) the product design & manufacturing.

Nation Wide Bird Control uses top quality products from the leading manufacturers in the field. All products used have been tested in the field and withstood the elements for years in addition to carrying long-term guarantees from the manufacturers.

The products that Nation Wide Bird Control uses are humane and are designed to dissuade the birds from remaining, rather than harming them.

Following is a small sampling of some of the products we use the most to combat bird problems.

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Bird Netting
There are many kinds of bird netting on the market. We use the highest quality bird netting with U.V.-resistance embedded in the polyethlene itself to ensure a long-lasting protective barrier for your building.
This product consists of a U.V.-resistant polycarbonate base with thin stainless steel wire strung between bases at set intervals. The secret is the small electrical conditioning shock the birds receive when they touch the wires, similar to a strong static electricity jolt. It doesn't harm them; rather it strongly persuades them to leave the immediate vicinity.
Bird Spikes
Made with a clear flexible polycarbonate base and thin, blunt-tipped stainless steel rods, these spikes are a great way to deter birds from landing on ledges, signs, beams, cutouts, lights, etc., without harming them. The base is glued or screwed to the surface providing secure and durable protection.
Bird Coil ™
It may look similar to a slinky, but it's designed differently and when installed correctly it effectively protects ledges and structural arches. Made from durable stainless steel coil and posts, this product is a great low-visibility ledge barrier for pigeons and larger birds loafing in the afternoon sun.
Bird Wire
These stainless steel thin posts and wires are extremely low-profile and they create an unstable and undesirable landing area for the birds. Because of its discreet nature, it carries GSA approval for use on historic buildings. It has many attachment methods, making it a very versatile option for building protection.
Other Products
From time to time, there are certain applications that require specialty products like the Daddi Long Legs™ pictured at left. Nation Wide Bird Control has trained its installers to know the correct product for each situation, species and structure. You can rest assured that we will recommend the best solution for your bird problem.
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